Sports Club in Leicester : Boxing Club

In our Sports Club, we focus on teaching you the ways to achieve a perfect health and fitness by collaborating boxing skills as well as fitness training into your gym routine. Irrespective of age, gender or fitness levels, we ensure to provide quality boxing training classes that cover all aspects of staying fit and healthy.

Our boxing club is fifty years old and keeps the record of training famous champions like Tony Sibson, Chris Pyatt, Tony Mckensie Clinton Mckensie, Neil Linford, Martin Conseption, and Ricky Mabbott. We also conduct regional boxing tournament as well as the club also sponsors its football team /cricket team /hockey team/ ladies dart team who play in Leicestershire league. At the same time, we provide karate classes during the weekdays.

Boxing can be utilised for fitness purposes, also there are non-competitive or competitive boxing programs that we offer to every interested customer. The ambience at our boxing club is safe and friendly and it has the vibe that makes you workout with full energy. In today's world, boxing is a very popular sport and it is not surprising that it is one of the best exercises which test the strength and endurance of the body simultaneously. Boxing training not only improves the stamina but also enhances the level of fitness and confidence at the same time.

Our gym is equipped with the best tools and equipment and also we have modern training space, changing areas and toilets for the advantage of the people coming to train here.